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Improving our food system one fly at a time

Flylab wants to fix our broken Food system by bringing a more sustainable option that also contributes to a better animal health

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Mission & Impact

Sustainable Development Goal”

The animal feed (Aqua, Poultry, Cattle, Pet food) industry uses very unsustainable sources of protein currently such as Soy protein and Fishmeal, Fish oil which contributes to loss of biodiversity and damages the environment

Circular Economy

We feed our insects with Agricultural Byproducts that would go to waste instead.
The BSFF Manure is then used as fertilizer for plants.

Save natural ressources

We use modern technology to optimize the ressources needed sush as feed, water and land with climate control environment using IOT, Deep tech, Vertical farming and Robotics.

Provide better feed for animals and plants

Studies have shown that using Black soldier fly meal improve growth in the fish industry. It has also hypoallergenic effects for your pets.


About Flylab

FlyLab is an Agritech company built with an experienced team that has years of proven track in the Insect industry. We harness the bioconversion power of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to recycle agricultural waste into Food for Animals and Plants. We want to disrupt the use of very unsustainable protein ingredients such as fishmeal and soybean meal and replace it with a more sustainable, more natural and more nutritious protein: the BSFL Meal. We are the future of sustainable animal feed.

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BSF Meal

Total replacement of fish meal with BSFL meal in the diets of sea-water Atlantic Salmon is possible while providing the same benefits

BSF Frass

All natural mix of Black Soldier Fly larvae waste residues and chitin-rich exoskeleton, BSF Frass is nutrients dense in N-P-K and other minerals.
Chitin enhances plant natural defences against pathogens and stimulates growth.
It can be used as a soil conditioner for plants.


Natural out that extracted from Black Soldier Fly larvae, rich in medium-chain fatty acids, beneficial to the animal’s gut. It can be mixed into various animal feeds to increase palatability and also serve as a healthy source of energy for feed applications purposes, characterized by: High digestibility, High fatty acid.



We work with leaders in Insect Technology
and Industrial Development

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