Fly Lab

Mission and Impact

Circular Economy

We feed our insects with Agricultural Byproducts that would go to waste instead.
The BSFF Manure is then used as fertilizer for plants.

Save natural ressources

We use modern technology to optimize the ressources needed sush as feed, water and land with climate control environment using IOT, Deep tech, Vertical farming and Robotics.

Provide better feed for animals and plants

Studies have shown that using Black soldier fly meal improve growth in the fish industry. It has also hypoallergenic effects for your pets.


BSF defatted meal

Sustainable defatted protein powder from 100% Black Soldier Fly larvae
Usable for fish, poultry and pigs feed formulation

BSF oil

Oil from defatting process of the Black Soldier Fly larvae
Rich in Omegas and Lauric acid
Usable for fish, poultry and pigs feed formulation
BSF Frass

BSF Frass

Dry Manure from Black Soldier Fly farming
High grade organic fertilizer for plants


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